Thursday, December 9, 2021

Zurich Group’s chief customer officer on insurer brand evolution

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“The environment has changed, in the sense that the big technology companies have changed the game, they are digital, they are delivering fast, they can understand the need for seamless experience and the need to understand customer data. They have disrupted our work, ”he said. “Then on the other hand, Insertech is disrupting what we do because they are digitally native [foundation needed] Be faster, smoother and more attractive than us.

“Of course, they may not be as big or influential as we are, but we should still remember the history of disruptors in other industries and change the game, like Netflix or eBay … all we need to do is realize what is happening around us and Don’t think we’re different because we’re insurers.We’re not different.And customers ’expectations are rising because other companies are setting new standards.

This is why Zurich is really listening to its customers through culture and the work of its team, because the company wants to move forward with those changed values ​​and apply them to insurance so that customers are not disappointed. He said various projects and initiatives have been devised to encourage greater participation of buyers, each of which goes beyond the conventional marketing message – which basically conveys the same message to everyone.

Instead, it’s about exploring a new way of communicating with customers that reflects what they want to see, not what the company has to offer. It’s not about sending them a message, but getting to know them so that a lasting, productive relationship can be built through mutual understanding. It’s about every interaction, and every point of conversation and communication count – something that is infamously difficult to insure because tradition has traditionally had very few opportunities for interaction.

“When we build our company and include service and preventive activities, there will be more touch points for us,” he said. “So, what we’re doing is redefining how we connect with customers. We as a brand have redefined who we are and what we stand for. We have a strong brand today that aims to ‘create a brighter future together’. It’s together with our customers – we’re not sitting here with an organization and there with the customer. We’re actually in it together. ”

Zurich wants to change the broader conversation about insurance, Culture said. Insurance is generally seen as a “doom and gloom” industry where the conversation is based on what could be wrong or what could be wrong, but characterized by its new branding motif, the company to turn it around and start promoting the ability of insurance companies to create Wanting positive change in the world around them. And functional positivity is at the heart of this message.

It is a step taken jointly by the Zurich business, he said, to symbolize the steps taken by the group’s chief executive, Mario Greco, to actively address systemic risks such as climate change and cyber security. The insurer has internally defined and introduced a new set of customer experience values ​​that will soon begin to be filtered to customers. Zurich will launch a mass engagement campaign at COP26 to outline the conservation measures that can be taken to save the planet and stop climate change.

A key element of Zurich’s branding evolution is finding the right channels through which to share the purpose of its revived brand, and communicating its message in a way that is relevant to everyone, Kaler said. Upgrading a visual identity for the digital age means adopting more animation, more interactivity and more adaptability so people can connect through the device of their choice.

“Our new visual identity, for example, [as seen above], ”He said.“ This statue is made of carbon-neutral material that depicts the heroes of irrational climate. The idea is that you can enter the circle of people, join it and make your commitment. So, that’s really what we can all do, what small steps we can take to support a better life for future generations and to protect the planet together. It’s not about pushing a product – it’s about engaging customers in a way that is engaging and timely and relevant to them.

To successfully move the dial and change the conversation around a brand, you must be sure of what that brand means, Culture said. If you want to blend in with the rest, you’re not really a brand. So, it’s about exploring what’s unique to your price offer, where you stand in the market and how you can create it.

“You have to say, ‘This is who we are and this is why we should be your choice’,” he said. “There is still a long way to go but, as I have said many times, I really want to be an insurance patagonia. I want you to be the one you choose if you really focus on creating a brighter future, because Zurich stands for something and is working for that agenda on a daily basis.

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