Thursday, December 9, 2021

Very few employees take advantage of mental health counseling – reports

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The study was conducted among local and former PAT employees in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore in order to measure the effect of Covid-1 of on respondents’ mental health and to help them better understand employee mental health. Their employees.

Researchers have highlighted the importance of employers investing in mental health support and services to ensure a sustainable and productive workforce, as many employees are still facing the epidemic’s mental health challenges, Allianz said. The report says the global economy spends 1 trillion a year on damaged production due to frustration and anxiety. Therefore, providing mental health support can not only improve the quality of life of employees, but also improve the productivity of companies.

“While the health insurance industry has always recognized the importance of mental health as well as physical health, in the wider public domain it felt a bit like a silent elephant in a room that everyone knew but people were sometimes uncomfortable talking about,” said Paula Covey, chief marketing officer at Allianz Partners. Says. “Our long-term goal is to talk about brain health as much as talking about a comfortable wrist. We want to encourage dialogue and help people understand that mental health challenges are normal, sometimes frequent, and help them understand when and how to use support services.

Covey said the report found that mental health awareness had increased and said it was “encouraging” that more people were feeling more comfortable talking about it.

“However, not all employees feel supported, and there is still very little acceptance of some mental health services such as employee support programs and counseling,” he said. “I think there is a real opportunity here for employers to build their mental health support programs and make some significant progress.”

The report found that employers have increased mental health care and support for their employees over the past few years, but only two out of five employees feel that the resources provided by their employer are sufficient for their mental health. Allianz Partners says it is important to provide a variety of services, both personally and digitally, such as providing a combination of HR-sponsored activities.

Among the mental health services provided by employers, the top five most valuable by staff were information, digital team get-togethers, counseling services, overtime and classes.

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