Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Steadfast Group highlights the “extraordinary start” at the AGM

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“Ad has historically increased earnings from steady annual acquisition activities and sustainable organic growth,” Kelly told shareholders. “Our network brokers provide Stadfast with an internal pipeline of acquisition opportunities.

“Since July 1, 2021, Steadfast has invested 8 8 million in EPS (earnings per share) active acquisitions, including Outstanding Acquisition of Coverforce for PS 11.5 million. Coverforce is a scale business that has multiple revenue streams and a track record of high growth and has given us the opportunity to strengthen Stadfast’s position as Australia’s leading general insurance broker network.

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As part of the group’s “stuck capital project” launched in February, Steadfast seeks to increase its equity position in network brokers that are not part of Steadfast’s equity holdings.

Reporting on the progress of the initiative, Kelly cites eight acquisitions; 10 signed term sheets have been started with due diligence; 11 term sheets have been issued awaiting due diligence; 18 more indicative assessments have been provided; 40 expressions of interest; And a further 112 discussions are ongoing.

According to Outlook, the CEO said: “For the balance of FY22, we expect more moderate price increases by strategic partners across the market to continue as insurers seek to return profitability. In August 2021, Steadfast completed the acquisition of our Coverforce, which was financed through scrips provided by vendors and raised equity capital. The results from this significant acquisition to date are in line with our expectations.

“Considering the above, I would like to see an underlying EBITA of between $ 320 million and $ 330 million, an underlying net profit of between $ 159 million and $ 166 million for an absolute net profit and an underlying thin EPS (NPAT) growth of 10% to 15%. Glad to confirm the FY22 guidelines. “

Meanwhile, Kelly further revealed that Steadfast’s interaction with London Howden The group has started with the expectation of gaining benefits during FY22.

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