A Taiwanese man who was in excruciating pain after being bitten on the centipede of his genitals found some relief in the form of paying insurance, China Press Report

A resident of Kaosung, whose name is Ye, posted his bizarre experience online. According to Yee, she had just finished cleaning her house and decided to sleep on the floor naked. He was awakened by an intense pain in the area of ​​his groin, which he soon found that due to a large centipede it was pressing his mandibles over his testicles.

“I was shocked and I wanted to get a book down to Centipede at first but quickly realized why I shouldn’t do it,” Ye wrote.

He said he tried to pull it off but it wouldn’t diminish. In desperation, he crushes the centipede with his hand, causing it to drop. Weak from the pain, you bring yourself to the emergency room for treatment.

You later called his insurance agent and was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was eligible to pay NT $ 2,479 (SG $ 120) for work loss due to an accident.

Despite being in the industry for 10 years, he has not heard of such incidents, the insurance agent said. Such a rare event was classified as an accident that qualified you to be insured, the agent said.


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