Thursday, December 9, 2021

The CII began consultations to determine the direction

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Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Has launched a suggestion in the title Shaping the future together, Which seeks to involve members in determining the strategy of the professional organization.

1 Consultation The consultation, which runs through December, aims to refresh the CII’s manifesto of the 201st manifesto, which sets out the organization’s goal of being relevant, modern, relevant and diverse in order to provide relevant education, insightful leadership and an appointed membership.

Suggestions mentioned in the advice include:

  1. The competency structure and learning provisions are more user-friendly, accessible and able to meet the future learning needs of all students
  2. Giving members more flexibility to pursue professional organization chartered and peer titles, so qualifications and experience are no longer the only way
  3. Replace the current membership model with three levels of membership: Members, Chartered Members and Fellows
  4. Exploring the potential requirements of the statement of professional position of insurance professionals
  5. Exploring possible amendments to the CII’s governance structure to provide greater transparency and cost efficiency

Members and key stakeholders can use CII’s online advisory form to share their thoughts on the above proposals, the challenges they face as professionals, their current relationship with CII, and how CII can meet their needs in the future.

“The Shaping the future together The consultation gives members a great opportunity to express their views on how we can ensure that CII can inspire public confidence and trust in our professional family to work with members to meet their needs and expectations, as well as explore how CII’s current governance structure works. . And how can that evolve, ”said Helen Fisher, CIA chairman. “We welcome the views of all our members and as a board we will listen carefully to the responses. They will help us figure out how to shape our strategy for the next five years and make sure we are fit for the future. I am delighted that our members have had the opportunity to share their views at our live events next month as well as through online consultations. We look forward to drawing with the input of our members as we develop our vision for the future of our sector. ”

“Our royal charter states that the CII, as a professional body, must work to ‘protect and equip public confidence’ in financial planning and the insurance profession,” said Julie Page, president of the CII. “This means ensuring that what we do, as a professional organization, helps our members make their clients more financially resilient and help them achieve their financial goals. I encourage all our members to engage with this advice and through the website. Let them know how CII needs to respond to the needs of the modern world and evolve step by step.

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