Canopias The group has announced the appointment of Richard Parker as joint head of space and Kelly Bromley as underwriting assistant. Recruitments make Canopias ’space team one of the largest on the market.

Parker will serve as the joint head of space alongside Chris Gibbs. Parker has more than 34 years of space insurance experience in the international market. Prior to joining Canopias, he served as divisional president of Assyor Space, an underwriting agency founded in 2011. AXA.

Bromley has three decades of business management experience and has spent 22 years in the satellite insurance market, primarily focusing on contract management and technical underwriting. Like Parker, Bromley joined Canopius from Assyrian Space, where he was also a founding member of the reinsurance contract manager.

“Joining Richard and Kelly Chris Gibbs and colleagues, it will create one of the most experienced and capable teams in the aerospace insurance market,” said Christopher Jarvis, co-founder of Canopies. With the increasing number of satellite launches in line with broadband demand, the replacement of old satellites and the rescheduling of the International Space Station becoming more regular, there is ample opportunity. Canopias has created an important capability that ideally capitalizes on it and ranks Canopias among the top insurance providers internationally.

“I’m delighted to be able to welcome Richard and Kelly to Canopius’ space team, both of which will significantly advance our capabilities,” Gibbs said. “Their joining not only provides Canopy’s space location with a highly cohesive U.S. footprint, but also with the ability to join us from Assyrian space, making Canopias the top five space insurance market. Their considerable combined skills in the insurance market and the aerospace industry will be invaluable to our clients and our strategic ambitions.


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