Thursday, December 9, 2021

Stay competitive by paying the price

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“When we submit business to our market, we already have all the answers to them. We are already spelling out the objectives, the obstacles to finding a risk solution, ”Pierce said.

In addition to being an active problem solver, Breakenridge brings more value to the market through a wide range of specialized brokerages and branding products. The department, led by Pierce, works closely with the program department, which provides agents with a number of specialized products.

“We are in the process of launching our new brand where our program department will be under the banner of Breakenridge. This will allow us to collaborate more closely and bring depth and breadth of products to the table for our agents, ”Pierce said.

Another key reason for the company’s success is taking care of its people. In the new environment brought about by the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic, Breckenridge helps its staff by providing the resources and equipment needed to perform their tasks well.

Thanks [doing] And what it takes to get the job done [being] Effective [our] Client, ”he said.

Success as a broker requires excellent communication and constant communication with agents and career partners.

“The first rule of my thumb, and it’s sticky and very basic, [is to] Pick up the phone, “he said.” I mean, in the world of email and texting and technology platforms, it’s the most important tool in working with our careers and building relationships… building relationships and determining how to deal. “

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