“Also, people are asking ridiculous rates at the moment. You have to pay a lot of money to get the staff. I am now paying for the admins which I used to pay for brokers. This is a huge difference. This is my biggest challenge in my eyes. ”

According to Du Plessis, whose business is headquartered in Western Australia, it took him a year to bring back the number of his employees following what Double Hammy said last November.

“We went from four to two – one was hunted because they offered about 20 grand more than you paid, and then another [leave] Due to family illness, ”he mentioned. “It simply came to our notice then. From there we just had to rebuild. From the two, we gradually grew up and we are no longer total. “

The two had no insurance background in this new appointment. One came from the medical sector, the other was in the trade industry.

Du Plessis said: “It was tough. We went upstairs and we started training green workers or people with no industry experience, which was very difficult. In the beginning, we hired for qualifications and background and years of experience, and then we said, ‘Let’s find someone who has got the right attitude to fit into our team and wants to grow up’.

“For the amount of renewal we have received, we need people who can come and help. And we hire people [based] On their attitude. Most of them are willing to jump on the ship, if they can find a different career path. And that’s basically what you offer them. “

Grace Insurance has had to invest heavily in the sector to introduce newcomers to a world where du Plessis believes it is a good industry.

“We pay for their education,” said the broker boss. “So, if they want to do a diploma or something like that, we will pay for it. It’s also a huge time investment, because it’s not like you put someone in front of a computer and they can walk away. I need to keep a daily training schedule with them, and take time to teach my brokers their insurance terminology and what it does and why you need to pay attention and what you should aim for.

“They’re not giving advice, so they can’t give advice, but they need to know what to look for. Like the one I’m busy with now, he’ll do a Tier 1 next year. This is an employment contract agreement on our part, for me to work, you have to be Tier 1-eligible. And we offer them that; We give them that opportunity. ”

In addition to hiring ‘green’ colleagues, Perth-based businesses also had to venture outside Australia amid a lack of local recruitment.

Du Plessis revealed: “I actually sponsored a broker from another country because we couldn’t find a broker. I had to bring one from abroad. It was worth investing $ 10,000 for me to bring in someone from abroad because it was so hard and I was desperate.

With the exception of further travel restrictions, the new broking fare is set to begin in January on a two-year visa.

Meanwhile, staffing issues are also affecting Du Plessis’ expansion plans. Grace Insurance, which grew 65% year-over-year, is in talks to acquire several states. The community broker network has at least five contracts for corporate authorized representatives, but it will require more people.

Du Plessis said Insurance business: “Why is it half stuck I don’t have staff in this area. I spoke like one in Melbourne [retiring] The broker and he are ready to go, but I don’t have a staff member to take over my portfolio. So, I have to wait to get staff. That’s my problem. And I need to have someone who can work autonomously.

“It’s difficult there, too, because I’ve talked to recruitment agents, and there are currently about 5 positions in Melbourne. So, there is competition [high]. ”

Putting aside the hassle of recruitment, the director is keen to grow in full force.

Du Plessis declared, “We are at a different level than where other brokers are.” “Some people are happy to sit where they are, and that’s okay. I’m at a different stage of my business where I want to take it forward and I want to grow nationally and I want to be bigger. I’m expanding fast. So we are in a very good position, if I can fix the staff problem.

“I see there are a lot of opportunities in the market. It’s also scary, with new laws coming out and that’s all. But it’s like everything else – you just have to adapt to change and grow. And I’m really excited, because I think the opportunity is great in the market. ”

He added: “If you serve your clients well, you will succeed. If you take care of them, you will always have loyal clients. So, I firmly believe that the rest of the year is going to be great. About our growth and my goals My predictions are extremely high, but I am very confident that we will still hit them.


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