A sector-agnostic conversation about life as a professional woman, notably Nina Arquint (pictured above, right), Chief Risk Officer, Swiss Ray Corporate Solutions (winner of the 2021 Geneva Association Women in Insurance Award). However, he highlighted that one way to work in insurance that stands out to him is the widely fulfilled nature of the work. Arquint said he hopes its recognition will attract more women to the insurance sector and in particular take on the role of risk management that gives individuals a great opportunity to influence what a company is doing.

“But that being said, the most crucial factor for me is actually the environment you’re in and the company you’re working for,” he said. “It really affects you. And I can say, from my own career, I’ve been very lucky in the way I’ve been able to work for employers where being a woman wasn’t really something that impressed me so much.

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Adding his voice to the discussion, Heidi Delobel (pictured above, left), CEO, AG Insurance (and specially recognized for leadership at the awards) highlighted that although the human world seems to be evolving at the top end of the insurance profession, though still a long way off Have to go He reflects on Arquint’s experience that he didn’t feel like he had to work harder than a man to reach the senior position he is in today, and it was backed by the right mentors who forced you to take advantage of new opportunities. And perhaps women need it a little more than men, he said.

“So I’ll give everyone four tips on what’s important for my career,” Delobel said. “The first was that for me, it was very important to figure out what my driver was, what gave me strength and not to look at others. Everyone would develop at their own pace. The second was that you had to be proactive and take your career into your own hands. If you think this is the time for something else, then your organization has time to look for that opportunity …

“The third is to have the courage and confidence to jump out of your comfort zone and be confident that you can do it [receive] Help if a counselor is needed. You do not need to check all the boxes before jumping. I think men can jump easier than women when we make our checklists and we get hesitant. And the fourth is [my partner and I] I have three children so it was very important for me to make a deal with my partner at every step of our career to integrate the organization at home with my job challenge. There you have to find a balance. ”

Lucia Silva (pictured below, right) Generally, (And receiving special recognition for permanence in the award) also said of his contract that he did not feel that he had been given less opportunities in his career than a man. He does not believe that the insurance sector is more patriarchal than others because all of society is being transformed in this regard.

She did, however, emphasize the importance of relationships in women’s career development, highlighting the issues created by Arquint and Delobel around the needs of mentors and allies. Sometimes women may feel that they have to do everything on their own to prove their strength, she said, but at the end of the day everyone needs an alliance with both men and women. These relationships are helpful in navigating the complexities associated with the day-to-day responsibilities of an insurance carrier.

“And I wanted to highlight an issue surrounding the insurance sector and its appeal to women, because I think your ability to change is underestimated when you work for an insurance company,” she said. “When I joined General, I saw what insurance companies do … and I realized that we can invest in certain technologies that enable certain behaviors, enable certain behaviors, that could really change the world, or become a platform. [new partnerships].

“So this is an issue that is probably underestimated by women and the insurance sector is not yet truly known. And I think it should be something that we can do as experts in women and the sector. ”

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Relying on his personal experience to build a full-fledged career, Arquint said one of the key tips he wants to do is to be brave. Believe in yourself, he said, and take any available chair on the table. Everyone has something to offer, and it’s about finding the right environment where you are empowered and supported to realize it.

Looking back, he found that coaching and mentoring in one-to-one settings was where he got the most help and was essential to his efforts to help develop young talent. It’s a conversation where you can truly make a difference, he said, where you can take the time to invest with young people and share your experience with them.

“And I’m trying to stay away from stereotyping because I think the more we do it, the more we box ourselves,” he said. “But there’s still an observation, whether I want to accept it or not, there it is and it often comes up এবং and it’s a question around confidence. Just last week I was talking to an executive recruitment specialist and I asked if he really kept it. And he said, ‘Yes, absolutely.’

“And she told me that she was going to be recruiting for a senior executive position in a large financial company and that the top female candidate was stepping back. He said that throughout his career, he has had this experience over and over again, but never from male candidates, always only from female candidates. And it really made me think [that…] If we can help build that courage and confidence and create an environment for the people around us where they can grow up, that is the most important thing we can do. ”

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