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How can you make a difference in an insurance company?

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“I only know what shoes I wore and how I made it work for myself,” he said. “This does not mean that there is only one model, there are probably different models to access it. But I think the important thing is to share personal experiences and give other people the opportunity to find their way and choose what they think will work for them or not work for them. ”

Fresneu first joined the insurance profession about 20 years ago, previously worked in other industries, noting that in these two decades he has seen conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) develop quite significantly. When he started working in the early 90s, he said, the issues involved were not worth mentioning even without actively discussing them, and there were some sorts of inequalities that were often taken the way things were done.

It’s been an interesting change to see, he said, since conversations aren’t happening at all, going to happen because more and more people feel they should be, now where they are increasingly being seen as doing the right thing. The motives around DEI have really changed and these discussions are increasingly open to people from all walks of life. And when many of the objectives in the true neighborhood are at the stage of aspiration, the objectives are there, there is a desire, and more people want to have open conversations without forcing them.

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As president of QBE’s Inclusion Forum, Fresno knows what it means to integrate networks across the gender, LGBT, disability, ethnic and mental health spectrum and emphasizes the importance of the workplace by taking advantage of experience and perceptions that enable a diversified makeup. Moving away from a neutral approach to DEI is an essential part of accessing new insights because initiatives and conversations will bring something new to the table if everyone contributes.

“So the shoes I’m wearing are gender [discussion], “He said,” and when I spend time talking to people from a particular ethnic background or sexual orientation, obviously we all have very different experiences and problems that have been thrown at us through our careers or faced with different kinds of micro-aggression. . But the common denominator across those groups is the feeling of not being accepted, being different, not knowing how to navigate when you look around, and not seeing the role modeling of people like you, what the career will be like.

“So, I think in a very different situation, and in spite of the nature of everyday challenges and microgravations, the common denominator feels that no one fits perfectly and is trying to find a way whatever. And I think those groups have more in common than initially appearing if you only look at personal, very specific topics and challenges.

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He said there is no doubt that some groups face more challenges than others, but having a holistic approach to inclusion does not preclude specific challenges, but rather finds shared concerns. Therefore, when thinking about HR policies, or how to support career advancement or advice, advanced solutions may notice changes in this area for maximum impact.

He said this was the thought process behind bringing all those networks together for QBE’s broader inclusion forum. What the forum has found is that by consolidating its forces, it has more power to change which has a bigger impact when people across multiple individual networks do not try to resolve the same dilemma.

Fresnu, who will speak Upcoming Women in Insurance UK Conference As part of a panel discussion on ‘Choosing Resilience’, he expressed his own passion for facilitating discussions around DEI and for the future of talent in the insurance industry. After coming through the ranks, he said, he would like to make it so easy for others to do so well and have a real positive impact on future talent.

“I want to be able to show people that if I did it, it would be accessible to others,” he said. “And so I’m able to share what I’ve got through my career and make sure I can make an impact. [… ] Internal principles and culture, I do – it’s very close to my heart. ”

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