Horgan entered the insurance profession 18 years ago, joined Morrison Insurance Solutions in 2005 and was with the firm. Through its acquisition by Clear. During his time at Morrison, he said, he was given the opportunity to do a wide range of work and build teams around him – experiences that are now coming in handy significantly.

“At Morrison Insurance, we were very big about structure and strategy, which was a major attraction when they bought us two years ago,” he said. “We’ve always had four main approaches to growth – clients, staff, systems and finances. We continue to make sure we are doing the right thing for each of those four elements. It was a big factor in our success because we constantly pushed our goals that way.

“Through this, we’ve increased our revenue from 7.5% to 10% per year. And that was organic growth because we never achieved that while we were at Morrison. When I first joined the business, there were 15 employees, which was 45 at the time of our acquisition by Clear We started with a turnover of about 5050,000, where we now get about 6 million million.According to GWP, we were close to the million 5 million mark and we are now around £ 18 million GWP. I have grown organically. ”

The deal with Clear was a normal step forward for Morrison, as Hargan noted, before becoming a member of Brokerability, it started out as a completely independent firm, which clearly led to the acquisition by Clear Group. Clear’s senior management team has praised Morrison’s organic growth strategy and model, and is keen to pull it to success across the wider business.

He added that Clear has a very strong and successful acquisition strategy and that the new deals it has made in the last two years in particular have had a significant impact on the business. Going forward, it is putting increasing emphasis on building its biological growth potential Appointment of Mike Agel as CEO So Howard Lickens, chairman, and Gary O’Donnell, group M&A director, could focus on that acquisition part instead.

“[Clear’s team] “He started talking to me early last year before the epidemic broke, and then we started talking again,” Hargan said. “The first year was about building the foundation and a structural focus of our sales and marketing activities.

“We’ve invested heavily in our sales and marketing central team to support businesses across all of its branches, including new business, cross-selling and retention development. Using excellent leadership, structure and strategy it has been a really good opportunity for us.

With those foundations in mind, Clear is now looking to improve collaboration across its expert team. Hargan and his team will focus on teamwork, expanding its CRM use across the group to support its cross-selling capabilities and new business goals and objectives. To enable this, a group sales manager has recently been assigned to the team.

The group has also hired a data manager, a natural step towards the importance of data and data management and at the end of that data people are increasingly recognized by the business. Equipped with increased resources and capabilities, Hargan is keen to build more specialized and targeted marketing campaigns to support sales. In the past, this was not a key element of the Clear Strategy, Hargan noted, because acquisitions were such a focus.

“What comes with each acquisition is the different shapes and sizes of different exercises and the way things are done,” he said, “So, we’re weaving a lot so we can stand in the crowd … it’s just about signposting [our brand and our offering] More effectively and integrating our branches so that we can provide the ultimate customer experience and service.

Although to an outsider, the acquisition of a broking group and the weapons of organic growth may seem internally different, Hargan noted that getting the organic growth portion right not only supports clients but is a culture for their business interested in finding an acquirer with potential vendors. And growth ambitions that match their own. Having an orderly approach to its sales and marketing strategies provides an opportunity to demonstrate its ethics and strategic vision in a consistent manner.

Each deal also means acquiring new talent and ideas, and an important part of the clearing strategy is to empower people who come into the business through acquisitions and explore best practices in a consultative and collaborative way, he said. After all, he said, at the end of the day, employees are Clear’s number one asset.

“When we look after them, they look after the clients, which in turn looks after the growth of the business, which in turn looks after the employees again. It’s a full circle, ”he said. “So, we want to bring people on the journey with us, which I think is important for my success. Otherwise, we will only become mergers which is not our policy.

“We don’t just want to swallow a business, because that’s not the kind of broker we are. Rather we want to create [our business model] Smooth and effective for all teams. So, yes, there’s some knitting going on here, we like our knitting right now.


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