Thursday, December 9, 2021

Here are five ways to make your home safer

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No home in any community is free from the risk of theft, vandalism or home invasion. These are very scary situations to consider, and it is normal to have a desire to protect yourself. If, like most people, you are close to home in 2020, you want your home to have maximum security.

Consider some practical, easy, and affordable ways you can upgrade your home security. They may be to keep strangers away from your property and avoid costly Homeowners insurance Claim.

Buy a home security system

Many security systems now include cameras and motion-detection capabilities. If anyone ever tries to break into your home, they are more likely to be caught on film. Many smart home systems today allow users to access video from a myriad of devices. These systems can even call the police or emergency services if they pick up sound or video that indicates a break-in has occurred.

Strengthen your locks

Locking your door is still the first line of your defense against intruders. However, even thieves can take keyholes. This is why it is important to include multiple locks on all exterior doors. These include doors, windows, crawl spaces and basement entrances.

Add deadbolts and sliding chain locks inside all doors. For added security, consider adding a double lock to the outside of the door as well. Remember, many smart locks now have keyless entry and keycode capabilities. These can further reduce the risk of entering the home.

Protect all doors and windows

Doors and windows that have hinges damaged or that are not well sealed break easily. So, even a strong lock can’t keep anyone out. Check the seals around the access point to see if they are still tight and not moving.

Install automatic lighting

Turning on the lights around the house can make people think that someone is at home, even if you are not. You can set a timer to help turn the lights on and off at regular intervals. For added security, install motion-activated lighting near entrances, such as your driveway or front door. These can alert you if someone comes near the house.

Keep the presence outside

Thieves often hit homes where they think the homeowner has been missing for a long time. They can get hurt when someone goes on vacation, or when a house is left empty after the owner dies. Therefore, you always want to give the idea that you keep an eye on your property. If you plan to stay away for a while, do your backyard work in advance and arrange for a friend to pick up your mail or newspaper. Just asking someone to check into your home during the absence will give you the idea that someone is at home.

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