Thursday, December 9, 2021

“From the beginning I found the art interesting.”

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“I then took on various leadership roles and moved into insurance IAGWesfarmers, Gallagher, And most recently Westpack, works in both finance and operations positions. From the beginning I find this art fascinating, because it touches on many areas of human life and provides a real opportunity to make a difference.

Houghton, who became president Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) was managing director of Westpac’s insurance before moving to QBE in August last year.

Sydney-based CEO credentials include spending time as IMA’s chief financial officer and chief operating officer

When his appointment was announced in February, the tenant, referred to as a chief and highly senior executive, told the insurance business:

“I was attracted to QBE by the people I met and their values ​​and ambitions for the company. This is an exciting time to join in welcoming Andrew Horton as our new Global CEO, and I look forward to taking the time to understand and input new strategies and participate in the next chapter in QBE’s progress. ”

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Houghton arrived at QBE just a month before Horton arrived as chief executive of the new group of Australia-headquartered international insurers. As part of QBE’s group executive committee, Hutton reports to the former Lightning PLC boss.

Meanwhile, in addition to his appointment as head of the Australian Pacific Division at QBE, Hutton is busy advocating for the industry in his capacity as ICA president.

Earlier this month, during Peak Body’s annual industry forum, Hutton told attendees: “This is a very busy year, tackling new and emerging challenges in often difficult situations. Had to adapt.

“We have conducted a very important legal process to determine the applicability of business barrier cover in the COVD-19 epidemic. We are working to influence and influence changes to support community resilience and adaptation to climate change.

In the presidential address, Hutton touched on climate change, disaster policy environment, Covid-1 and border restrictions, reinsurance pool, trade barrier testing cases, trade line work, regulatory reform and code update of practice.

“We continue to put pressure on policymakers on cross-border contracts for insurance disaster experts so that we can respond quickly and effortlessly to the next disaster season,” he said. “We prioritize our engagement with small business stakeholders where identifying solutions for key parties where availability and affordability is a concern.

“We are closely involved with regulators in the most significant implementation of the Hein Reform. We have introduced a new practice code. We are seeing how we are best dealing with emerging areas such as cyber, and ESG (environmental, social and governance) expectations. ”

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Houghton further stressed that while times may remain uncertain, the same cannot be said of ICA’s approach to responding to industry problems and difficulties.

At QBE, the insurance leader also has a set of his priorities.

“My immediate priority is to get to know our customers, brokers, partners and people to truly understand the underlying issues of the business and to understand where the opportunities may be,” the Australia Pacific CEO said in an interview with the insurance business. .

“In addition, I would like to make sure that we continue to accelerate from the first six months of the year and deliver a strong overall performance. . ”

He also pointed to many challenges locally and globally, including the expectations of developed customers and communities.

“It’s definitely an exciting time to be part of the industry,” Houghton asserted, “looking at current and emerging risks to make these events a product and a human perspective, what we’re going to do in those places. Opportunity comes with challenges, and I think we are in a unique position to be able to work with our stakeholders to find solutions to these new and emerging risks.

This year’s Insurance Business Australia Awards will be held virtually on 12 November. The event will feature exclusive streams of prize presentation, as well as opportunities for online networking such as peer matching and live chat. You can register Here.

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