Thursday, December 9, 2021

Dozens of hospital workers arrested on medical cover scandal

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China’s Ministry of Public Security, the National Health Commission and the National Health Care Security Administration are working together to combat fraud in the country’s medical insurance system, which covers more than 95% of the country’s population. China’s elderly population has put pressure on health and pension schemes, as the number of dependents on the elderly and the number of people of working age have decreased, supporting the schemes.

Investigators allege that hospital staff lied to admit 165 people to 228 hospitals. Employees were also reported to have been given an RMB300 incentive for each patient brought to the hospital.

Li Yanan of the Public Security Department in Sichuan Province said doctors wrote unnecessary and prescriptions and procedures and false records to show that patients stayed in the hospital longer than them.

The allegations against the nursing department were falsely recorded and destroyed over-the-counter drugs, while the clinical laboratory disguised the results to persuade patients to be hospitalized.

“This has seriously violated the rights of patients, threatened the security of our country’s medical insurance fund scheme and damaged social order,” the local news report said.

Meanwhile, in a separate case, Shanghai police arrested 150 people suspected of plotting to sell drugs purchased through a medical insurance fund.

A report by China Business News He said the suspects allegedly went to patients outside the hospital and asked if they could buy drugs for about half of the original price. The suspects, who were not licensed to distribute drugs, would sell drugs on social media at a retail0% retail price, according to police, most of the drugs sold were chronic disease drugs and traditional Chinese medicines.

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