“In addition, the policy gives customers a choice to cancel their trip or continue traveling where FCDO (Office of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development) changes its advice against essential travel after booking a trip.”

It was highlighted that policyholders who choose to continue their journey will be fully covered.

Meanwhile, the removal of the restrictions means that travel insurance policies will include travel cancellations for instructing passengers to segregate or self-isolate; Official lockdown Pre-booked accommodation is no longer available due to Kovid-1 to; Or the FCDO is advising against travel to the destination within 2 days of departure, provided that this advice was not present when purchasing the trip or insurance.

“While the world is reopening and the government is relaxing the Covid-1 travel ban, Direct Line and Churchill want to give customers back their freedom and make more choices when planning travel,” said Tom Bishop, head of direct line travel insurance. Churchill.

“The goal of our new approach is to support the revival of the travel industry and give customers more confidence to travel if they wish, while offering the option of cancellation or travel where FCDO advises against ‘all but necessary’ travel.”

Direct Line and Churchill’s travel policies, including updates, will continue to cover any emergency medical costs related to the new Covid-1 diagnosis when the trip begins, including additional accommodation and travel costs if the insured cannot return home as planned. To stay in quarantine. The policies also feature coverage in cases where a trip is shortened due to changes in FCDO advice.


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