Under the new partnership, BZI will provide access via a link to the Zebra Lounge portal, which will link directly to the quote page of the fair autonomy platform and its full policy lifecycle capabilities. This will facilitate access to its broad broker base for Precision Autonomy products, along with all other aspects of the offer guided by the latter.

Blue Zebra MD Colin Fagen commented: “We are always looking for ways to expand options for our intermediaries through our platform, and this new partnership with proper autonomy is a quick step for us and our broker partners. Market expansion. “

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According to a Deloitte Access Economics Report from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, the use of commercial drones skyrocketed and Australia’s GDP by 2040 was 20. could increase by billions of dollars.

It further estimates that the number of food, parcel and pathology supplies delivered by drones by 2040 could be 143 million trips, equivalent to the supply of 272 drones per minute per day.

Simon Hooper, head of underwriting at Fair Autonomy, commented that the partnership with BZI could help drive the distribution of its commercial drone insurance products to Australia’s wider broker market.

“Drones have been deployed in the Australian mining, energy, construction, agriculture and entertainment sectors, and they occasionally fail, with about 95% of the losses being first-party and the remaining 5% third-party claims.”


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