Since March 2021, the number of insured customers has increased by 0%, with the average number of customers increasing by 226 per month.

In response, Allianz has created high-care self-care packages to support its frontline staff through online, dedicated resources including second-hand trauma training by a specialist provider, regular team psychologist round-table sessions, and employee support programs (EAPs).

The goal of this service is to identify signs of traumatic injury to employees, equip them with management strategies, and offer access to professionals who can also provide guidance and strategies for self-care.

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Sema Musson, general manager of Allianz Australia’s client lawyer, said the insurer acknowledges that its front-line employees need “extra mental levels” to manage their day-to-day operations or to move away from their jobs.

Therefore, the insurer has designed new mental health packages based on the needs and industry recommendations of its expert high care workers.

“There are several states and territories facing lockdown recently or currently and the whole nation is facing limited movement,” Musan said. “As insurance providers face the challenging and uncertain times we face, we are dedicated to constantly evolving our available resources to better support and protect our customers and our people.”

Since its launch, the Allianz High Care team has experienced 250 clients with vulnerabilities: domestic violence (74%), mental health (14%) and multiple vulnerabilities (11%).


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